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Cocomo Club

Cocomo Club


Cocomo opened its doors for the first time in 1992 at Novalja. The designer club offers a mixed program and is a place for everyone. In the city it is next to many bars, lounges and restaurants but still the only club until today. 

Over the years, Cocomo became well recognized among the tourists as a place that offers daily events with a right selection for everyone, no matter which music genre you prefer. All genres and amazing vibes from Hip Hop, RnB, Reggaeton, House, Techno or EDM.

But Cocomo is not just a club. During the day, it is a cozy bar where you can have your morning coffee, like a real Croatian, or a drink with your friends and catch a break from the sunny day. We promise you the most pleasant temperature in Novalja.

Take a look at our menu and price list below.




Coffee 10,00kn
Coffee with milk (small) 11,00kn
Coffee with milk 12,00kn
Cappuccino 13,00kn
White coffee 14,00kn
Coffee with cream (small) 12,00kn
Coffee with cream 13,00kn
Americano 14,00kn
Decaf coffee 10,00kn
Decaf coffee with milk (small) 11,00kn
Decaf coffee with milk 12,00kn
White decaf coffee 14,00kn
Decaf coffee with cream (small) 12,00kn
Decaf coffee with cream 13,00kn
Decaf cappuccino 13,00kn

Hot drinks

Cocoa 15,00kn
Cocoa with cream 17,00kn
Instant coffee 15,00kn
Cream 4,00kn
Milk, 0.10l 4,00kn
Honey 2,00kn
Hot chocolate 17,00kn
Ice coffee 19,00kn
Tea 13,00kn

Natural juices

Orange 24,00kn
Limonade 18,00kn
Orange, apple 24,00kn
Orange, apple, ginger 24,00kn
Apple, grapefruit, carrot 24,00kn
Apple, grapefruit, lemon 24,00kn
Smoothie – yogurt, banana, strawberry, oats 26,00kn
Smoothie – baby spinach, ginger, peach, honey 26,00kn
Smoothie – orange, raspberry, blueberry 26,00kn
Smoothie – milk, apple, oats, cinnamon, vanilla 26,00kn


Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero 0,25l 22,00kn
Fanta 0,25l 22,00kn
Sprite 0,25l 22,00kn
Schweppes Bitter Lemon, Tonic Water, Tangerina 0,25l 22,00kn
Ice tea 0,25l 22,00kn
Pago 0,20l 22,00kn
Pipi 0,25l 22,00kn
Cockta 0,275l 22,00kn
Cedevita 16,00kn
Goldberg Tonic 0,20l 22,00kn
Tonic 1724 0,20l 36,00kn
Pimento Gingembre 0,25l 42,00kn
Red Bull 0,25l 33,00kn
Red Bull Sugar Free 0,25l 33,00kn
Red Bull Yellow 0,25l 33,00kn

Sparkling water

Jamnica 0,10l 3,00kn
Jamnica 1l 30,00kn
Jamnica 0,25l 18,00kn
Jamnica Sensation 0,25l 18,00kn
Jana 0,33l 18,00kn
Jana 0,75l 30,00kn
Jana Vitamin orange, lemon 0,33l 20,00kn
Jana Botanica organe, lemon 0,25l 20,00kn
Barts lemon, cranberry (alc 4%) 0,275l


Karlovačko 0,33l 22,00kn
Karlovačko dark 0,50l 22,00kn
Karlovačko radler 0,33l 22,00kn
Laško Zlatorog 0,33l 22,00kn
Heineken 0,33l 28,00kn
Desperados 0,33l 32,00kn
Affligem Blonde 0,33l 35,00kn
Edelweiss Wheat Original 0,50l 35,00kn
Karlovačko draft 0,20l
Karlovačko draft 0,30l 15,00kn
Karlovačko draft  0,50l 25,00kn
Strongbow Gold 0,33l 30,00kn


Graševina 0,10l 10,00kn
Graševina 1l 100,00kn
Pelješac 0,1l 10,00kn
Pelješac 1l 100,00kn
Gemišta 0,20l 13,00kn
Bambus 0,20l 21,00kn
Bambus 0,30l 32,00kn
Miš Maš 0,20l 21,00kn
Miš Maš 0,30l 32,00kn
Coronica Malvazija 0,10l / 0,75l – white wine 31,00 / 230,00kn
Toljanić Žlahtina 0,10l / 0,75l – white wine 22,00 / 150,00kn
Petrač Graševina 0,10l / 0,75l – white wine 22,00 / 150,00kn
Chianti Classico 0,10l / 0,75l – red wine 51,00 / 380,00kn
Chateau Rose  0,10l / 0,75l – rose 47,00 / 350,00kn

Sparkling wine

Prosecco 0,10l / 0,75l 40,00 / 300,00kn
Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial 0,75l 1.000,00kn
Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial 1,50l 2.200,00kn
Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial 0,75l 1.500,00kn
Pommery 0,75l 900,00kn
Dom Perignon 0,75l 3.000,00kn
Ruinart Blanc de Blanc 0,75l 1.500,00kn
Veuve Clicq. Luminous Magnum 1,50l 3.000,00kn
Veuve Clicq. Luminous Jeroboam 3l 6.000,00kn
Veuve Clicq. Rich 0,75l 1.000,00kn
Luc Belaire Rare Luxe Fantome 0,75l 900,00kn
Luc Belaire Rare Rose Fantome 0,75l 900,00kn

Croatian spritz


Amaro 0,03l 18,00kn
Badel Prima Black 0,03l 19,00kn
Borovnica 0,03l 18,00kn
Medica 0,03l 18,00kn
Teranino 0,03l 18,00kn
Antique Badel 0,03l 19,00kn
Pelinkovac Badel 0,03l 18,00kn
Pelinkovac Maraska 0,03l 18,00kn
Štrukani Pelinkovac 20,00kn
Stock 0,03l 20,00kn
Badel Williams 0,03l 20,00kn
Šljivovica Premium Badel 0,03l 20,00kn
Vinoplod Travarica 0,03l 16,00kn
Vinoplod Lozovača 0,03l 16,00kn


Svarog 0,03l 24,00kn
Grey Goose 0,03l 45,00kn
Grey Goose VX 0,03l 90,00kn
Ciroc 0,03l 35,00kn



Tequilla San Jose Silver, Gold 0,03l 24,00kn
Tequilla Patron Silver, XO Cafe 0,03l 45,00kn
Tequilla Sierra Milenario 30,00kn
Tequilla Camino Real Blanco, Gold 0,03l 30,00kn



Bombay Saphire Gin 0,03l 24,00kn
Star of Bombay 0,03l 33,00kn
Sax Pink 0,03l 24,00kn
Hendricks 0,03l 35,00kn
Gin Mare 0,03l 45,00kn
Monkey 47 0,03l 65,00kn
Tanqueray 0,03l 28,00kn
Tanqueray Ten 0,03l 38,00kn
Windspiel Premium Dry 0,03l 55,00kn
Roby Marton 0,03l 44,00kn


Bacardi Carta Blanca, Oro, Negro, Spiced 0,03l 24,00kn
Bacardi Oakheart 0,03l 30,00kn
Bacardi Anejo Cuatro 0,03l 31,00kn
Bacardi 8 Anos 0,03l 33,00kn
Malibu 0,03l 24,00kn
Bumbu Original Craft 0,03l 40,00kn
Ron Zacapa 23y 0,03l 88,00kn
Ron Zacapa XO 0,03l 150,00kn
Havana Club 15y 0,03l 150,00kn
Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros 0,03l 65,00kn


Amaretto, Baileys 0,03l 24,00kn
Aperol 0,03l 24,00kn
Campari 0,03l 24,00kn
Jagermeister 0,03l 24,00kn
Southern Comfort 0,03l 24,00kn
Kahlua 0,03l 24,00kn
Cynar 0,03l 24,00kn
Martini Bianco, Rosso 0,05l 24,00kn
Underbeg 0,02l 28,00kn


Del Professore Classico 0,05l 29,00kn
Del Professore Rosso 0,05l 29,00kn
Del Professore al Barolo 0,05l 29,00kn


Ballantines 0,03l 24,00kn
Ballantines 21y 0,03l  120,00kn
Bushmills 0,03l 30,00kn
Chivas Regal 12y 0,03l 31,00kn
Chivas Regal 18y 0,03l 69,00kn
Chivas Regal 25y 0,03l 300,00kn
Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21y 0,03l 145,00kn
Cromwell’s Royal 0,03l 30,00kn
Dewars 0,03l 24,00kn
Dewars 12y 0,03l 38,00kn
Famous Grouse 0,03l 29,00kn
Four Roses 0,03l 29,00kn
Glenfiddich 18y 0,03l 80,00kn
Jack Daniels, Honey 0,03l 30,00kn
Jack Daniels Single Barrel 0,03l 46,00kn
Johnnie Walker Red 0,03l 30,00kn
Johnnie Walker Black 0,03l 24,00kn
Johnnie Walker Blue 0,03l 33,00kn
Jura Superstition 0,03l 300,00kn
Lagavulin 16y 0,03l 33,00kn
Laphroaig 10y 0,03l 90,00kn
Macallan 15y 0,03l 52,00kn
Nikka Days 0,03l 90,00kn
Nikka From The Barrel 0,03l 65,00kn
Talisker Single Malt 0,03l 82,00kn
Woodford Reserve 0,03l 78,00kn
Dewars 0,03l 37,00kn


Hennessy VS 0,03l 33,00kn
Hennessy XO 0,03l 150,00kn
Metaxa 5 0,03l 33,00kn
Metaxa 7 0,03l 40,00kn
Remy Martin VSOP 0,03l 45,00kn
Remy Martin XO 0,03l 150,00kn

Mixed drinks

Gin Tonic 46,00kn
Vodka Lemon 46,00kn
Vodka Soda 42,00kn
Vodka Orange 46,00kn
Martini Fiero(martini fiero,tonic) 46,00kn


B52 25,00kn
Bloody Screaming Orgasm 25,00kn
Kamikaze 25,00kn
Mascarpone 25,00kn
Lemon Drop 25,00kn
Woo Woo 25,00kn
Blow Job 25,00kn
Freddy Krueger 25,00kn
Cocomo Killer 25,00kn
Death Drop 25,00kn
Melon Ball 25,00kn
Slippery Nipple 25,00kn


Bahama Mama 50,00kn
Caribbean Cruise 50,00kn
Alabama Slammer 50,00kn
Hawaiian 50,00kn
Mai Tai 50,00kn
Sex on the Beach 50,00kn
Sex Machine 50,00kn
Swimming Pool 50,00kn
Tequila Sunrise 50,00kn
Gin Fizz 50,00kn
Rum Runner 50,00kn
El Diablo 50,00kn
Pacific 50,00kn
Liquid Cocaine 5000kn
Moscow Mule 50,00kn
Touch of Love (gin, raspberry liquer, lime, basil) 50,00kn
Sidecar (brandy, triple sec liquer, lemon juice) 50,00kn
Pimms Cup (pimms No1, sprite) 50,00kn
Dark ‘n Stormy (dark rum, lime juice, ginger beer) 50,00kn
Passion Fruit Martini (vodka, passoa, passion syrup, lime juice) 50,00kn

Lime cocktails

Cuba Libre 25,00kn
Mojito 25,00kn
Caipirioska 25,00kn
Caipirioska alla Fragola 25,00kn
Caipirinha 25,00kn
Daiquiri 25,00kn

Killer cocktails

Long Island Iced Tea 55,00kn
Wiki Waki Woo 55,00kn
Zombie 55,00kn
Deep Diver 55,00kn

Frozen, Creamy Drinks & Colads

Pina Colada 50,00kn
Banana Colada 50,00kn
Strawberry Colada 50,00kn
Mexican Colada 50,00kn
White Russian 50,00kn

Classic cocktails

Negroni 48,00kn
Negroni Sbagliato 48,00kn
Vodka Martini 007 48,00kn
Cosmopolitan 48,00kn
Amaretto Sour 48,00kn
Black Russian 48,00kn
Godfather 48,00kn
Gin Basil 48,00kn
Old Fashioned 48,00kn
Margarita 48,00kn
Espresso Martini (vodka, coffee liquer, espresso, vanilla syrup) 48,00kn

Red Bull Corner

Jager Bomb 55,00kn
Jagerinha 55,00kn
Bull Frog 55,00kn
Long Island Iced Bull 55,00kn
Viagra 55,00kn

Champagne Cocktails

Aperol Spritz 48,00kn
Hugo 48,00kn
Blue Jamaica 48,00kn
Rossini 48,00kn
Sweat and Wet (vodka, black tea, honney syrup, triple sec liquer, lime, prosecco) 48,00kn
French 75 (gin, lime juice, prosecco) 48,00kn

Nonalcoholic Cocktails

Pink Lemonade 33,00kn
Simply Red 33,00kn
Virgin Colada, Mojito 33,00kn
Coconut Kiss 33,00kn

Cocomo Signature

Cocomo Aruba (port wine, Jack Daniels single barell, truffle honey) 120,00kn
Cocomo Jamaica (Bacardi 8, vanilla syrup, pineapple juice, lime, prosecco) 100,00kn
Cocomo Bermuda (Bacardi 8 Anos, puree mango, puree coco, lime, juice pineapple, ginger)  100,00kn
Cocomo Pretty Mamma (Grey Goose, lychee liquer, rose syrup, lime, prosecco) 110,00kn
Cocomo Key Largo(patron silver,liquer melon,lime,truffle honey,orange juice,egg white) 90,00kn
Cocomo Montego(zacapa 23yo,lime,coca cola) 130,00kn



Svarog 0,70 750,00kn
Red Bull Boat / Svarog 880,00kn
Grey Goose 0,70l 1.100,00kn
Grey Goose 1,5l 2.300,00kn
Grey Goose 1,75l 2.600,00kn
Red Bull Boat / Grey Goose 1.220,00kn
Grey Goose 3,0l 3.600,00kn
Grey Goose 4,5l 4.400,00kn
Bacardi Carta Blanca 0,70l 750,00kn
Bacardi Carta Blanca – Coca Cola Pack 830,00kn
Bacardi Carta Negra / Oro 1,0l 850,00kn
Bacardi Carta Negra / Oro – Coca Cola Pack 930,00kn
Bombay Saphire 0,70l 750,00kn
Bombay Saphire – Tonic Pack 830,00kn
Dewars Whiskey 0,70l 750,00kn
Dewars – Coca Cola Pack 830,00kn
Gin Mare 0,70l 830,00kn
Gin Mare – Tonic 1724 Pack 940,00kn
Gin Hendricks 0,70l 830,00kn
Chivas Regal 12y 0,70l 830,00kn
Jack Daniels 0,70l 830,00kn
Jack Daniels – Coca Cola Pack 910,00kn
Jameson 0,70l 830,00kn
Jameson – Coca Cola Pack 910,00kn
Johnnie W.Red 0,70l 750,00kn
Johnnie W.Red – Coca Cola Pack 830,00kn
Johnnie W.Black 0,70l 830,00kn
Johnnie W.Black – Coca Cola Pack 910,00kn
Jagermeister 0,70l 750,00kn
Nikka Days 0,70l 1.500,00kn
Nikka From the Barrel 0,50l 1.320,00kn
Vodka Ciroc 0,70l 1.000,00kn
Vodka Roberto Cavalli 0,70l 1.200,00kn