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Cocomo Club


Cocomo opened its doors for the first time in 1992 at Novalja. The designer club offers a mixed program and is a place for everyone. In the city it is next to many bars, lounges and restaurants but still the only club until today. 

Over the years, Cocomo became well recognized among the tourists as a place that offers daily events with a right selection for everyone, no matter which music genre you prefer. All genres and amazing vibes from Hip Hop, RnB, Reggaeton, House, Techno or EDM.

But Cocomo is not just a club. During the day, it is a cozy bar where you can have your morning coffee, like a real Croatian, or a drink with your friends and catch a break from the sunny day. We promise you the most pleasant temperature in Novalja.

Take a look at our menu and price list below.




Coffee 10,00kn
Coffee with milk (small) 11,00kn
Coffee with milk 12,00kn
Cappuccino 13,00kn
White coffee 14,00kn
Coffee with cream (small) 12,00kn
Coffee with cream 13,00kn
Americano 14,00kn
Decaf coffee 10,00kn
Decaf coffee with milk (small) 11,00kn
Decaf coffee with milk 12,00kn
White decaf coffee 14,00kn
Decaf coffee with cream (small) 12,00kn
Decaf coffee with cream 13,00kn
Decaf cappuccino 13,00kn

Hot drinks

Cocoa 15,00kn
Cocoa with cream 17,00kn
Instant coffee 15,00kn
Cream 4,00kn
Milk, 0.10l 4,00kn
Honey 2,00kn
Hot chocolate 17,00kn
Ice coffee 19,00kn
Tea 13,00kn

Natural juices

Orange 24,00kn
Limonade 18,00kn
Orange, apple 24,00kn
Orange, apple, ginger 24,00kn
Apple, grapefruit, carrot 24,00kn
Apple, grapefruit, lemon 24,00kn
Smoothie – yogurt, banana, strawberry, oats 26,00kn
Smoothie – baby spinach, ginger, peach, honey 26,00kn
Smoothie – orange, raspberry, blueberry 26,00kn
Smoothie – milk, apple, oats, cinnamon, vanilla 26,00kn


Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, 0.25l 22,00kn
Fanta, 0.25l 22,00kn
Sprite, 0.25l 22,00kn
Schweppes Bitter Lemon, Tonic Water, Tangerina, 0.25l 22,00kn
Ice tea, 0.25l 22,00kn
Pago, 0.20l 22,00kn
Pipi, 0.25l 22,00kn
Cockta, 0.275l 22,00kn
Cedevita 16,00kn
Goldberg Tonic, 0.20l 22,00kn
Tonic 1724, 0.20l 36,00kn
Pimento Gingembre, 0.25l 42,00kn
Red Bull, 0.25l 33,00kn
Red Bull Sugar Free, 0.25l 33,00kn
Red Bull Yellow, 0.25l 33,00kn

Sparkling water

Jamnica, 0.10l 3,00kn
Jamnica, 1l 30,00kn
Jamnica, 0.25l 18,00kn
Jamnica Sensation, 0.25l 18,00kn
Jana, 0.33l 18,00kn
Jana, 0.75l 30,00kn
Jana Vitamin orange, lemon, 0.33l 20,00kn
Jana Botanica organe, lemon, 0.25l 20,00kn
Barts lemon, cranberry (alc 4%) 0.275l