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Cocomo opened its doors for the first time in 1992 at Novalja. The designer club offers a mixed program and is a place for everyone. In the city it is next to many bars, lounges and restaurants still the only club until today. 

Over the years, Cocomo became well recognized among the tourists as a place that offers daily events with a right selection for you, no matter which music genre you prefer. All genres and amazing vibes from Hip Hop, RnB, Reggaeton, House, Techno or EDM.

But Cocomo is not just a club. During the day, it is a cozy bar where you can have your morning coffee, like a real Croatian, or a drink with your friends and catch a break from the sunny day. We promise you the most pleasant temperature in Novalja.
In 2022, Cocomo became a restaurant as well. Our upper terrace has a great view of the sea from one side, and a dance floor from the other side. You can enjoy your lunch during the day, or you dinner just before the party, it is up to you!


During the season, Cocomo Novalja has different parties every night! It’s also an official venue at famous festivals like Big Beach Spring Break, Wild & Free and Summer Peak Festival. Check out the calendar for 2024:

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